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First and foremost, it is important to select a wedding invitation package that reflects your style, taste, and level of ceremony and celebration. Your invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have of what your special day will hold!! You want to select an invitation that represents you!! As your guests open the envelope to reveal your invitation, you probably want them to say “Wow” and be as excited about your special day as you are. It is after all, the biggest personal event you will plan and experience!!! There are more to invitations than most realize. Details. Details. Details. Presenting the who, what and where is the task at hand and to make it beautiful and memorable as well. After all, an invitation lasts for a lifetime!
Etiquette dictates ordering of invitations should begin 4-6 months before the wedding date. My least stressed brides have met and placed their deposits, selected the invitation, font, paper and ink 6-12 months before the wedding. Remaining details will be emailed to me and the order finalized at the normal 4-6 month time frame. This allows ample time to address, stuff, stamp and seal your invitations stress-free.
All invitation stationery is ordered in increments of 25. The best way to arrive at a number is to make a list/spreadsheet and count the actual addresses and round up to the nearest 25. A rough estimate is to divide the number of guests in half and add 25. Remember if you are at 121, its best to order 150 because if you need to reorder another 25 after the first printing, it is considered a new order and is very costly.
Typically Save the Dates are sent out 4-12 months in advance, keeping in mind if travel is necessary for guests earlier is better. You must make sure every person who gets a save the date card also gets a wedding invitation. Accommodation information or a website offers guests information needed in advance of the wedding invitation.
Things to consider:

•  Design elements/style/graphics
•  Stock being used
•  Printing methods
•  Imprint Colors
•  Budget
•  Number of invitations needed (to mail; not the guest count)

Design elements and styles are available from complete simplicity and tradition to avant-garde and graphics galore, styles are available in all price ranges.
Most invitation packages consist of the invitation and envelope, a reception card and a response set (card and return envelope). Some traditional packages have both inner and outer envelopes. All pieces (in most cases) are sold individually. What your wedding invitation package needs:

•  Invitation—Must have!
•  Outer envelope—Must have!
•  Inner envelopes—Optional; some packages include them; others don’t
•  Response set—Must have!
•  Reception card—needed if reception is at a different place than the ceremony
•  Accommodations—necessary if you have many out of town guests (it is a courtesy to provide for your guests)
•  Directions—not usually needed unless you are at a “hard to find” venue or have parking issues
•  Wedding Details—great for a weekend of events and website information (registry that is a no-no to not be mentioned on the invite can be found here)
Buying online offers some benefits but you must weigh the benefits of the in-store experience before deciding. Online orders typically take less time and can offer deep discounts. You do all the work: wording, font and ink selection. You take full responsibility for the accuracy of your order. If the order arrives with something amiss, you need to rebuy it. On the other hand, the in-store experience offers you complete guarantee that your invitation package will arrive as ordered. PaperRozzi helps you with all the details. Walks you thru the process. Assuring that you have all the elements you need for your special invitation package. Your order arrives perfectly. We take all the stress away by handling it for you!
Stock to print on and printing methods The range of stocks available vary by the type of printing method chosen. If you want the top of the line, then a letterpress stock that is a 1 or 2 ply cotton or bamboo is for you. The mid range can offer letterpress as well, along with foil stamping, thermography and digital with many choices in paper, color and weights. Imprint colors Your colors can carry thru to your invitations, but they don’t have to! The invitation with traditional black on ecru can be exciting if combined with a layer stock of color or an envelope liner that enhances your design.
Postage can vary depending on weight, size and shape of your outer envelope. It is essential that you take a completed sample to the Post Office once your invitations arrive. Square and oversize envelopes incur a higher rate in addition to the weight to mail. Other normal shapes are based on the weight alone. Some thicker packages require "hand canceling" by the post office.
Hand canceling means your invitations will be processed by hand and should bypass the automated processing machines, avoiding damage. Wedding invitations are often thick, oddly shaped or oddly sized as a result of their enclosures or accessories, and run the risk of getting caught or damaged in these machines. You can also minimize the amount of automated printing and stamping the post office adds to your mailings (bar codes, for example), by requesting your invitations be hand canceled at a local Post Office.